About Les Fermes Michel Bastien Inc.

Michel Bastien and Martine Fugère founded Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. in 1999. Initially, the company’s main activity was piglet farming on a small six arpent property.

Michel Bastien is the son of François Bastien and great-grandson of Adrien Bastien, both founders of La Gazonnière Bastien & Fils inc., a well-known business in sod production. During his youth, Michel acquired experience in land drainage and preparation for seeding.

Following a shortage of turf installers, Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. acquired its first small machine used for cutting sod into giant rolls. Naturally, this new part-time activity quickly became the farm’s main source of income, and is now known as Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc.

Today, Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. installs between 400,000 and 600,000 square metres of sod annually and prepares twice that size for seeding. In addition, Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. provides full services in golf construction.

For the last ten years, Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. has undertaken the following projects, as either a contractor or subcontractor:

* Golf Auberge Bromont (Bromont)
* Club de Golf le Challenger (Montréal)
* Club de Golf Le Falcon (Hudson)
* Club de Golf St-Raphaël (Blainville)
* Club de Golf Le Champêtre (Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines)
* Club de Golf Mirabel (Mirabel)
* Club de Golf Deux Montagnes (Deux-Montagnes)
* Club de Golf Memphrémagog (Magog)
* Club de Golf Le Diamant (Ste-Monique)
* Club de Golf Thetford Mines (Thetford Mines)
* Club de Golf Val St-Côme

Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. owns one of the best fleets of machinery on tires specially designed to move material and retrofit golf courses without damaging underground pipes and existing landscaping.

For several years now, Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. has been relying on a qualified and skilled team.

With each passing year, Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. is extending its activities. In 2008, the company was awarded its first contract in Ontario. Several golf course architects now call on Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. to undertake their projects.

Although 70% of the company’s client base is made up of golf courses, Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. works closely with a wide range of general contractors to add the finishing touch, apply rooting products, lay sod with or without maintenance for two weeks in parks, sports fields or commercial grounds.

No matter how large or small your project is, contact Les Fermes Michel Bastien inc. They will gladly assist you in meeting any new challenge!

Current Projects

Ville de Terrebonne parcs Laurier, Gérôme, du Boisé et Bigras

Ville de Terrebonne parcs Comtois, Fafard, Sarrazin et Arc en Ciel

Club de Golf Royal Québec